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So many upcoming events...

Fall Compost Clean Up

When: Friday, 10/27 - Sunday, 10/29

Where: First cul de sac on 156th Entrance (a.k.a. lower entrance)

What: Only compostables are allowed, no trash or recyclables.

Halloween, Tuesday 10/31

Trick-or-Treaters will likely be out knocking on doors as soon as dusk sets in as, once again, Halloween is on a school night. A refresher on do's and don'ts to keep our neighborhood safe and fun for everyone who will be out.

  • Pull in your waste bins as soon as possible

    • Halloween falls on a Tuesday this year so please make the extra effort to keep all sidewalks clear of obstruction

  • Hold your child’s hand

  • Carry flashlights, lanterns, reflectors, wear Glo sticks

  • Handwarmers, if the weather turns quickly

  • Trick-or-Treat houses on one side of the street first (instead of zig zagging across the street)

  • Keep porch and/or house lights off if no one is home or if you run out of candy

  • Stay off your cell phones if you are operating a vehicle

  • Do not drive more than 10MPH in the neighborhood during dusk (just as it gets dark) through 9PM, or when pedestrians are visibly present

Brrr.... Fall (and Winter) is coming

It's that time of year again. Don't forget to take the necessary precautions to protect your home and yard. Click Here to review the Fall Home Maintenance Checklist to ensure you are ready!

Received a package that isn't yours?

Based on your feedback, we will be putting flyers into the community mailboxes regarding situations where you received a package that was meant for a neighbor instead. Feel free to take one with you! As a courtesy to all, if a package was dropped at your door by mistake, take the 5 minutes of out your day to redeliver it to your neighbor. Leaving these packages back in the community mailbox is unsafe as you cannot lock the mailbox again, not to mention, the owner of the package would have no idea it was left there for them to retrieve. Let's all collectively be kind to one another and go the extra mile.

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