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Residential Burglary Prevention



Bright Ideas

Vehicle Smarts

  • Close the garage door and cover view windows in the garage door so no one can see inside

  • Leave only the ignition key with parking lot attendants
    - And then only if required

  • Don't leave your garage door opener inside your car

Doors & Windows

  • Change the locks when moving to a new residence

  • Always lock your doors and windows

  • Do not hide a key outside

  • Use solid core or metal exterior doors

  • Install 4-screw strike plates with 3" wood screws to penetrate  the stud within your door frame

  • Use deadlock locks on exterior doors and double-cylinder deadbolt locks if glass is within3 feet of the lock

  • Add drop bars, wooden dowels, or pinning devices to windows and sliding glass doors

  • Install peepholes on doors with a 160 degree view


  • Trim tree branches 4-5 feet off the ground

  • Prune shrubs to under 3 feet from the ground

  • Use motion sensors and photocells on exterior floodlights

Personal Information

  • Keep valuables in a safe deposit box

  • Use a locking mailbox

  • Take out-going mail directly to the Post Office or deposit it in a blue U.S. Postal box

  • Do not leave checkbooks or important financial information out in the open

Dealing With Strangers

  • Never let strangers into the house

  • Verify workers by ID cards.  If they don't make an appointment with them--DON'T LET THEM INTO YOUR HOME

  • Never give keys to workers

  • Never leave notes for anyone on the door

While on Vacation

  • Place lights and radio on timers

  • Install a residential alarm system(monitored or audible)

  • Have a neighbor park their extra vehicle in your driveway

  • Put mail on hold

  • Ask neighbors to remove any fliers or packages from your driveway or porch

  • Sign up with the Renton Polic Department's Vacation House Check Program (425-430-7571 or go to

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