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Annual Spring Clean Up

Updated: Feb 29

🌼🏡 Annual Spring Clean-Up Reminder for Maple Ridge Estates! 🌼🏡

Dear Neighbors,

It's that time of the year again! As spring approaches, it's time to give our neighborhood a fresh start with our annual Spring Clean-Up event. This is a wonderful opportunity clean out your garage, house, and/or yard! This is your chance to finally get rid of that old bicycle or that broken bed. We're bringing in the dumpsters again! Details are below.

Event Details:

- Date: Friday, April 26th to Monday, April 29th

- Dumpster Locations (see attached map):

- Trash: End of 139th Ave SE

- Yard Waste: SE 156th St

- Dumpster Guidelines:

- Please ensure that items are placed in the appropriate dumpster labeled for its purpose.

- Kindly refrain from overfilling the dumpsters to allow space for everyone's waste.

-Items not allowed:

  • bulbs

  • batteries

  • wet paint in their original cans (Click Here to find out how to dry the paint before placing in dumpster)

  • certain types of electronics (Click Here for a comprehensive list of what is NOT allowed)

  • tires

  • chemicals

- Dumpster Drop-Off/Pick-Up:

- Dumpsters will be dropped off on Friday, April 26th, and picked up on the morning of Monday, April 29th.

This event is made possible by the collaborative efforts of our HOA and the participation of our wonderful residents. Your cooperation in following the guidelines is greatly appreciated.

For any questions or concerns regarding the clean-up event, please don't hesitate to reach out to the HOA. You can submit your inquiries via the "Contact" form under the HOA Info tab on our website:

Let's work together to keep Maple Ridge Estates beautiful and welcoming for all!

Warm regards,

Maple Ridge Estates HOA

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Roger Jerrell
Roger Jerrell
29 févr.

Thanks for organizing this once again. We appreciate all the volunteers on the HOA board. Their efforts go a long way toward keeping our community clean and safe with programs just like this. Thanks!

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